We love speaking entrepreneur and guiding our clients through financing rounds, term sheets, dealing with key employees, and overcoming regulatory hurdles. Our attorneys are sensitive to the fact that business decisions should not be driven solely by legal considerations, and our attorneys stand ready to provide a cost-efficient, business tailored, approach to their representation.

“Question Assumptions. Create Value. Simplify the Legal Process.”

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Practice Overview



Starting a new business requires vision, courage, and determination, however, without strategic and experienced guidance, even the best ideas may not get off the ground. Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to help our clients' businesses grow and prosper. Unlike many law firms that simply ignore start-ups and entrepreneurs because they are not currently profitable to represent, we believe in actively investing in their future. We routinely provide discounted services to entrepreneurs and start-ups and may, from time to time, consider a small equity stake in exchange for legal services, thereby allowing new companies to launch without being buried by legal expenses.


Start-Up Representation

For start-ups and entrepreneurs, we typically begin by drafting organizational documents that capture the practical objectives of the venture’s founders, followed by thorough preparation of documents required for all facets of the ongoing operation of the business.

Capital Formation

One of the greatest obstacles facing start-ups is the need for capital. Our attorneys are available to provide ongoing advice about the capital raising process while helping our clients avoid legal potholes.





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